MR & BWR Plywood (IS 303)

..During the manufacturing of “Gattani Ply” a number of preventive and corrective measures are taken to maintain quality.
.. The manufacturing process involves great care and supervision by technically experienced professionals. The use of
.. condensed resin prepared at hi-tech resin manufacturing plants is the key to the life of Plywood. The use of modern
.. hardeners and additives provide enormous stability and balance to the entire product range of “Gattani Ply”.

..MR Grade Plywood : “Gattani Ply” MR confirms to the ISI (IS 303:1989) and international standards. It has not only made a
.. goodwill in the market for its quality but has established records for consistency and smooth supply to the dealers,
.. architects and interior designers. “Gattani Ply” MR Grade Plywood has superb strength and resistence to water as the UF
.. resin contains melamine combination prepared in a special way.

..BWR Grade Plywood : It is manufactured by using selected veneers from quality based timbers of uniform thickness and
.. PF resin conforms to IS 848 : 1974 specifications which is mixed with unique  additives to enhance the protection
.. characteristics. “Gattani Ply” BWR fulfills all the exterior needs one can think about. Special preservative treatments insulate the plywood against attack from termites, borers and other wood pests. “Gattani Ply” BWR Grade ISI marked plywood is very popular in the market owing to its unique bonding strength and durability. A specific stress-releiving process is employed to keep the product dimensionally stable through a modern tenderizing machine.

Standard Sizes : 8*4, 7*4, 6*4, 5*4, 8*3, 7*3, 6*3, 5*3 feet. Customized requirements are also entertained.

Standard Thickness : All standard thicknesses available.

Technical Specification